Filippo Fiumani

Filippo Fiumani’s world is full of curiosity, exploration, experiences, street art, graphic design, skating and surfing. And so is his amazing artwork. He works as an illustrator, graphic designer and craftsman. He has a deep passion for philosophy, folk art, photography, bananas, travels, music, skating, surfing and motorcycles.

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How did you decide to follow this path and become a graphic designer and illustrator?

I have been in love with drawing since i was really young, during my teenage years i started doing graffiti and street art, exploring different types of techniques (free hands, stencils, installations etc), i never thought that i could  make a living out of it i was just doing it for pleasure while i was skating with my friends.

Then, when i was 18 years old (that age that you ask yourself what you would like to do in your life)  i understood that i want to skate, surf and design. So i started to study digital processes to elaborate on images at the university, since then i started  to work on a style that could reflect my personality.

1 lemani train bombing

How did your style develop?

My style is still in the phase of developing and i guess it’ s a process that will never stop.

By the way, what i am doing right now is something that is really linked to music, skating surfing, anthropology and folk art. There are a few books that shaped my style quite a lot, one of those books is Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia. Those books back in 2012 helped me to develop the idea of comunicate stories into the same illustration. At the same time my graffiti influences pushed me to discover more about typography as well as  music, skating and surfing helped me to use a visual language that could reflect those influences.

3 portugal illustration_filippofiumani_setubal

How is Portugal affecting your work?

Portugal is a warm place full of good waves to surf and good people to talk with, I have been there for the last 5 years and it has been a good place to get the right inspirations to design images linked to the sea and the marine culture. Portugal is growing a lot in terms of street art which helped me as well to go back to the streets trying to find out a unique way to do things.

Lisbon is a city that gave me lots of energy and helped me also to learn more about symbolism.


What other inspirations are there for you?

I am really into custom motorcycles as well, which is a world that is definitely full of radical and funny elements and people.

Traveling is a big part of your life. Which country you’ve been to has impressed you the most and why?

I really dig going to a place and stopping there for a while, trying to work there and be with local people, that’s why i don’t have a specific place that i like, i dig many things in many places, each spot has a personality and a reason to make me love it.

I guess that the only rule that i have is being curious, i like to discover and get new ideas from people and places, that’s why maybe i can’t select a particular spot.

5 surfboard go travel Filippo Fiumani front

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a new limited edition of helmets for DMD (helmet’s factory based in Milan).

At the same time I am working on new canvases for my next solo show, i am exploring new visual paths and  trying to improve my style with something new.

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