by Melvin Harper20150529-1117-Edit-Edit-2 20150529-1201-Edit 20150529-1223-Edit 20150529-1231-Edit2 20000629202-46-Edit 20150529-1151-Edit 20150529-1142-Edit 20000629202-45-Edit 20150529-1017-Edit 20150529-1118-Edit-Edit


Model Brooke Mason @ Major NY

Model Nicole Rosloniec @ Major NY

Beauty Marika Aoki

Styling Heather McDonald

Photography Melvin Harper

Jersey Heather McDonald, Shoes Y-3 worn throughout, American Apparel Bra and bikini bottoms, Necklace Heather McDonald, Shirt/Dress Alexander Wang, Ribbed Tank stylists own, Top Alex Koutny, Skirt Heather McDonald, Bikini American Apparel, Tank Neil Barrett, Culottes Heather McDonald, Shoes Maison Martin Margiela worn throughout, Dress Rick Owens, Necklace Alexander Koutny, Shoe Robert Clergerie, Sandals Stylists Own, Sleeveless Top Alexander Koutny, Wide leg Short Heather McDonald, Boxers Calvin Klein, Shoes Maison Martin Margiela, Puma Trackpants, Top Adidas


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