Jose Furtado

Cherry PinUp_josefurtado11830855_10153522122853739_1417548404_nCherry PinUp_josefurtadoHow did you start photographing and what did you Begin With?

My career started with innate erotic photography, a new way in the city and with its own identity. My pictures began to turn to aesthetics full of eroticism, sensuality and taboos that left no one indifferent when interpreting them, either positively or negatively.

Erotic photography was born and grew in me naturally. Almost 10 years ago I was offered my first collaboration with an independent magazine created by the School of Journalism of Seville, the work consisted of a monthly series that should cover the section: eroticism. There, I discovered a little passion that would soon be immense and necessary in order to express everything I wanted to tell.

In 2008, after my first censorship by a Spanish magazine, came my first exposure (with the same photographs) in New York in an erotic art gallery called “Eros”.

Cherry PinUp_josefurtadoIMG_1858Cherry PinUp_josefurtado

Where do you get inspiration from?

In my daily life, not one day passes without my photos. But I like to spend my life looking at the small details that make the unknown something precious, noticing and photographing light over darkness and vice versa. I like the darkness of things.


How do you choose your models? Are they people you know?

They are people who find me throughout my life. Sometimes they stay in my life forever, sometimes fleeting, but when that is done it is through a personal and special connection that is established between photographer and models, none of them (except Maya Homerton, friend and erotic model) never had any experience in front of a camera, let alone naked. My success is theirs.

jose furtado diamond 13

Do you prefer shooting digital or analogue? How do you choose which camera to use?

I am self-taught, I began with photography with digital equipment but always wanted to know how to do everything manually, to know how to handle an analog camera perfectly and that time has come, so I’m mostly working with analog of any type and quality. My next step is to create my lab at home, now I’m starting to work on it.

Cherry PinUp_josefurtado11850793_10153522122718739_2088608487_nCherry PinUp_josefurtado

Erotic photography is a big part of your work. What draws you to it?

Personally, all this erotic photography comes innately. Professionally, I am working for a magazine covering a section of sex and eroticism, which helped me to continue working in this area.

Today, I have the opportunity to photograph the light where there’s only darkness and secrets, giving an immaculate beauty to topics that would otherwise be ordinary and banal. Empty frames lacking life. But I had the opportunity to create a message to convey just when hardly anyone believed in the erotic.

When I started with erotic photography I discovered a world full of taboos, always viewed in a dirty stealth mode, which if not working with respect and being true to your vision leads photos to be seen as something vulgar. I decided to portray the world around me purely, as an encrypted message for the people who shared and share my vision about freedom and purity of the people.

Cherry PinUp_josefurtado11830709_10153522122743739_1139085860_n-2Cherry PinUp_josefurtado

What would you never agree to shooting?

Doing a photo shoot directed by someone else. When I economically collaborated with some magazines that were interested in my pictures, they wanted the model to appear and represent their specific erotic fantasy. It is a way of working that I will never accept, I do what comes out of me not what’s inside others. The result would be empty and lacking in personality.


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