Megan Cullen – Blurring the lines

Megan Cullen is an Australian photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her visual approach offers a candid point of view through her straightforward shooting and editing style. Blurring the lines between fiction and non-fiction, her works are experiments in ambiguity as well as documentations of modern life.


Did you always know photography is something you wanted to work with?

I always knew that I would follow a creative path as I was forever drawing or acting or dancing from a very young age. I had my sights set on being an actor and trained for years to do this, but towards the end of high school I really fell in love with photography and knew it was the best medium for me to express myself through.


What kind of things do you like to photograph? What draws your attention?

Generally I love to photograph people who live their lives a little left of centre. People who are truly and authentically being themselves and throw disregard to what society deems as ‘normal’. I admire these people and their strength of character and feel extremely grateful when they allow me the opportunity to photograph their stories.

I also love being in nature. In particular the desert. I love photographing in the desert. The isolation and vast spaces are overwhelming, in the best possible way.


How do you choose your models?

A lot of the subjects who appear in my work are people I have scouted during my travels. They have often gone on to inspire much of my work.

If I am shooting a fashion story there is no set method as to how I select a model. I do look for someone who seems to have a depth of character, who has interests outside of modelling or life experiences that they can bring to the shoot. I look for someone who seems like they will try out unusual looks and most of all – is up for a shared experience, an adventure!


What are the most important things for you in a picture?

Mood. If you don’t feel something from a picture what’s the point? I think sometimes people get too caught up in technique or having the best equipment, when really all you need to do is to feel something when shooting and channel that through your images.


What advice would you give to people who start of as photographers?

Just keep shooting. Shoot as often as you can and carry a camera with you all the time. The more you shoot the more you will learn about what you like to shoot, when the light is good and how to edit a strong series of images. Through consistently shooting you will start to develop your own style and that is what will make your work stand out and ultimately book you jobs and exhibitions.


Are you working on something new right now?

I have just recently moved to Los Angeles so everything feels very fresh and new at the moment! I’m loving the light here and have been getting back into some street photography again. I also spent the summer in New York and started doing some video portraits of people I met on the streets there so I plan to continue this on here. I have already encountered a few ‘characters’ that I would love to get to know more.