Jasper Jordan-Lang -destroying film

Jasper Jordan-Lang comes from Melbourne, Australia. At the moment he is studying fine arts at Monash University working mainly with black and white analogue photography and more specifically investigating experimental techniques involving film and print destruction using a variety of methods.


How did you start with photography?

When I was around 11, my dad let me use the family digital compact camera to take photos at the fruit market we used to go to every weekend. I got lazy with it and didn’t do any serious photography until I started at art school again and my mum gave me her ancient Nikomat FT which I started using to get my head around the basics of analogue photography.


What are your inspirations?

I get inspiration from everywhere, often when I’m listening to music I imagine bizarre scenes in my head which I end up turning into photographs. It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what inspires me to do what I do but I would say that often the overall ambience and atmosphere of a place will be what leads me to create a photo the way I do. The sights and sounds of a place all have to create the right feeling for me to want to take a photo, because of this I always end up not taking many photos which is probably kind of limiting but I guess that’s just a personal habit.


Tell me about your favourite artists. 

I have a lot of favourite artists and photographers so it would be hard for me to pick just one. Still, that’s a pretty boring answer for an interview so I’m just gonna list some off the top of my head . I’m a big fan of Jim Goldberg and Simyrn Gill for photography work and love the work of artists such as Patrick Pound, Nam June Paik and On Karawa. I also have a total weakness for yum cha and studio ghibli movies.


What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on my first solo show ‘ambiguous/recall’ at Gold Street Studios in Threntham, Victoria which will be on in July. At the moment I’m looking at ways I can physically manipulate film and analogue prints in new ways to create a form of analogue ‘glitch’ and mess with the physicality of the photo/film, but this will all be included in the work I show in the exhibition.


What are your plans for your future?

Mid next year I’m planning on travelling to south east Asia for a month and then spending 2-3 weeks in Tokyo depending on how much time I have, and of course I’ll be taking my camera with me to document such a great trip. I don’t have anything in mind in terms of specific projects, but i think that kind of place will be pretty inspiration to my way of thinking. Apart from that I’ll just be working on studying and trying to get myself out there as much as possible, check out my work on insta and let me know what you think!