“Life is a movie; death is a photograph.” 

By Irena Fabri 

“Both collections are the sum of my work from several years. They took time to arrange themselves into a collection and at some point they summed up one period of my life. In some ways those photographs defined me more than I defined them. I’ve noticed clearly how they’ve turned into a material shape of my abstract thinking.

Black and white photographs, unlike color photos that I do, are rich in expressionism and energy. Strong contrasts of black and white create some kind of dynamics. I would say that this is an external image of ourselves, the way we see people who we do not really know.

When I work with models, I strive not to influence the situation to consciously, but I prefer another concept – enjoying emotions through intuition. When free of expectations, things start happening in front of us, so you become an observer. The most important thing is to be patient and wait for the right moment. I never use more than 3 exposures to capture something. That’s the reason why I use analog photography, not digital. Thought process is completely different. You’ll never hear а “click” before I feel the moment is right.”

by Susan Sontag


Without Hint






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