Name A Moon After

Elio Escoffery and Cecilie Knudsen is a photographic and visual duo based in Copenhagen. We photograph and style all of our work independently and have a keen interest in analog imagery.


How did you 2 first meet?

We met in London five years ago, whilst we were both studying. During that time we became a couple, and around a year ago we realized that by combing our shared aesthetics in a creative partnership it would enhance our potential.

jason leather

How does your environment influence you?

Earlier this year we moved to Copenhagen. We both appreciate the flexibility of being able to go from city to landscape in relatively short time, which is slightly trickier when living in London. Having the opportunity to experience various environments increases our creative thinking, and we use these elements as starting points for our stories.


What kind of people would you say interest you as models and why?

Our approach is to photograph intriguing individuals, who don’t necessarily fall into the category of a traditional model, which is why we are interested in capturing the subject’s character rather than giving higher importance to what or who they are wearing. We find people who we feel are fascinating in one way or another, approaching subjects for shoots wherever we come across them, whether it being at an event or on social media.


How did you come up with your name?

We were on a late night flight travelling to Copenhagen, and were thinking of names that would reflect the idea of celebrating individuality. The moon is fascinating and mysterious, just like people can be, so we wanted to play on that idea. We finish the sentence ‘Name a Moon After…’ with the individuals name, emphasizing that people are inspirational and unique and worthy of having a moon named after them.

abel insta

Why do you think photography is important today?

Photography has always been important but we feel what is of real importance is keeping analog photography alive today. The reason why photography is a great art form is because you can reflect and save a moment that can never be regained. With analog film this is to it’s fundamental core and why it needs to be protected in this fast, highly glossy high definition world.

What are you working on right now?

We are working on an idea of starting a printed photographic zine, only containing visuals, which would function as an inspirational showcase of and for young creatives.

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