Olga Urbanek – “my favourite place is the next.”

Olga Urbanek  is a Polish photographer currently living and working in Iceland.

How did you start photographing?

Photography has been always present in my life. I had done modelling for my friends before. It took me time to decide to take photos on my own account. Though, I don’t think I wasted that time. I start with the premise that some things happen to us only when we are ready for it. I became ready for photography merely two years ago. Now I’m not even able to stop thinking for a moment about taking photos. I have never learnt photography in school although studying history of art and hundreds of reproductions from different periods that I examined could help me undoubtedly in thinking about composition.


How have the different places you’ve been to shaped your point of view?

A groundbreaking moment was moving to Iceland. Being here has changed everything for me. My life, my way of thinking, my photos. I was very lucky that I ended up in such a remote place that can inspire me with every step I take. After some time it occurred that there is a common denominator in my works and they started forming a coherent. Moreover, my photos are the reflection of my personality.


Where do you get inspiration from?

Most of the time it comes completely by accident. I see a thing, a place, a person and start thinking obsessively that I want to take a photo. I can circle around that all days long and wait for a proper moment or just instinctively grab a camera because I like the way the light reflects or lines fall into place. I try to look at everything from a different perspective. It was like that inter alia with my travel to Tokyo. I avoided taking photos of crowded streets, neon signs, crazy gadgets. In the end I came back with very calm photos that include a lot of space and people appear on them almost accidentally.


What would be your dream project?

Without a doubt a possibility of traveling and photographing would be something indescribable. I tell all my friends that the only necessary things in my life are currently a camera and an epilator. My travel essentials. It was the best spent money in the previous year. But I would love to start executing a photo shoots with models. I would love to collect a group of talented stylists, set designers and do something cool.


What’s your favourite place so far?

I don’t have my favourite place. Wherever I have been to I have been finding something that I would gladly come back to. Maybe the next place will be my favourite.


What’s next on your list?

Recently my life kicked into high gear. A few months ago I moved to Iceland, I just came back from Tokyo and have already bought a ticket to Boston in US. At the end of this year I plan to travel to Asia again.