By Klaartje Lambrechts

AETERNAE depicts the apparent duality of eternal life. Klaartje Lambrechts (Antwerp, 1976) captures the concept of infinity in contrast with the Zeitgeist in which, to her everything feels temporary and fleeting. Analogue to the central subject of her pictures, the genres she exploits are highly classical. The portraits and still-lives result in a series of snapshots which are literally stills of life, whereby man and nature connect seamlessly. By attributing an immortal status to her medium, the photographer enforces her concept of perpetuity. The artist is fascinated by nature due to its ever-dynamic state, its primordial power and the many contrasts this evokes. It has a protective and beneficial as well as an alienating and destructive force. It exhibits itself in a flowing and flowering, but also in a frozen state, in which eternity and transience are united. It is exactly those concepts that are translated into the introspective and distant expressions of the represented individuals. The subjects are not soulless although emotions are barely shown. They are engaged in studying what is strange to the body. They dig into their inner nature, examining the primordial power of the body that keeps them warm. These creatures are somehow floating between a condition that is neither warm nor cold-blooded, bestial nor cultivated. The intensity of the color explosions stand out against the neutrality of the soft skin tones. By doing so the artist questions the boundaries of our concept of “beginning and end” which defines our physical nature. The aspects of “being” are represented in all it’s features; old flows into young, male into female, infinity into vanitas.

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Special thanks to visual arts Charlotte Bricault for the plant compositions on the models.

Hair & Make up by Katarina Goyvaerts

Text by Liene Aerts