La Vista Ciega

By Paula Jane

Paula Jane (from Barcelona) is a documentary photographer . Paula Jane’s work is full of romantic symbolism that connects us to the struggle for identity and freedom of a society.
From June 17 to July 25 you can see La Vista Ciega in the Teatre Atlantida à Vic.

1. ©Paulajane LAVISTACIEGA

La Vista Ciega

Composed of two parts – cities wretchedness and the vast minority – this photographic series speaks of the phenomenon of capitalism and its representation in urban areas, and secondly, about the relationship between the self and the environment.
La Vista Ciega intends to invite reflection on how the rapid deterioration of the environment by neoliberalism causes the disappearance of original landscapes.

2. ©Paulajane LAVISTACIEGA 3. ©Paulajane LAVISTACIEGA 4. ©Paulajane LAVISTACIEGA 21. ©Paulajane LAVISTACIEGA IMG_1371_2

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