Dragoș Hanciu was born in 1993 in Orăștie, a small city in Transylvania, Romania. He spent almost half of his life skateboarding and that’s how he got in contact with photo and video cameras: cruising on the streets, skating and shooting everything he saw.

“To me, walking on the same streets every day is always different. Among all the things that are happening, there are certain situations where common things tend to be something else, going beyond what’s normal or real; transcending. I am doing a word play and call it “surreality”. 

I like to believe that from a certain point of view, where I am also placing my camera, one may find new layers of a real, concrete image. I am trying to find a new perspective of an absurd urban landscape.”

Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_1 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_2 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_3 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_4 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_5 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_6 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_7 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_8 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_9 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_10 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_11 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_12 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_13 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_14 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_15 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_16 Surreality_Dragos_Hanciu_17

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