Brandi Foo’s Bleak Esoteric Geometry

Brandi Foo is a Singapore-based fashion designer who has successfully attained a Diploma in Apparel design & merchandising. Often intrigued by the spiritual aspects of life as a child, it has only continued to grow as she matured over the years. This led to her uncommon interest towards incorporeality, henceforth translating it into her designs. Her esotericism is expressed through carefully selected themes, creating strong conceptual designs. Integral to her works is a morbidly alluring element, combined with mystic darkness. Even with constant evolution in style, she ensures it is concurrent with her original principles.


How did you decide to become a designer? Has it always been your dream? 

I love art, I used to paint and draw a lot until I found it more fun to express my creativity through fashion. Also growing up with creative parents, I was exposed to fashion throughout my childhood.
I would say that my initial dream was to be a fine artist, I even considered studying interior design at some point but I guess I still consider myself an artist now; a fashion artist.
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Your forms are dark and sometimes geometric. Where do you get inspiration from?
My inspiration comes mostly from personal experiences and beliefs in life, sometimes injecting cultural references. I too take great inspiration from my all time favourite designer, Lee Mcqueen.
You clearly have a big love for black and for white. Could you ever imagine yourself designing something with colour? Why or why not?
I have, actually designed some garments of colours, aside from black and white. Heres one example:
I am open to ideas that contain colours but I guess I subconsciously always end up going black haha!
How does Singapore affect your work? How is it for a young designer in Singapore?
Hmm.. I would say that the local fashion scene in Singapore is really small at the moment, although it has evolved throughout the years nonetheless. Being an independent designer that survives on handmade products, I understand why handmade products out there can be a tad more costly than fast fashion as we are putting our service out there as well.
Pricing is important in a competitive city like Singapore and I would say that handcrafted products are not everyone’s cup of tea. Nonetheless, I am appreciative of every single support I receive locally.
Can you name someone really famous you would like to see in your designs some day? And why?
Lady Gaga. I love her outrageous fashion, she is supportive of avant garde designs. She wore a lot of Mcqueen, which made me want more for her to be dressed in my designs one day. Not to mention, her music creations are great.
What are you working on at the moment? What should we expect?
I am currently working on a new RTW collection for my online store, it is actually an extension of my AW 16/17 bats collection *graduate collection*.
Thus you should be expecting loads more bat inspired garments, even chokers!
Aside from that, I will be starting my BA(Hons) fashion design & textiles course in August and possibly will have more projects coming up then.