Jeremy Tsai is an photographer from Taipei, Taiwan. He shoots in analog and photography for him is a way of recording his life, people around him and moments, that are beautiful and deserve to be kept alive in his memory.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Do you remember the first photograph you took and really liked?

This photo was one from the second roll of my filming experience. I was new to photography back then ,and I love the lighting and the atmosphere of this photo.


Do you prefer shooting places or people and why?

I don’t limit myself to one of them and I do find something fascinating in both places and people. I have a pure and  determined goal to record anything that is gorgeous or interesting in front of my eyes.


Do you travel a lot? Which place has impressed you most so far?

I shoot my works mostly when I travel with friends. As I said, I like to use photos to memorize events ,people and landscape. Just got back from Europe this summer, Switzerland impressed me a lot. I think it is one of the places that are movable which means the impression would stay in my mind and turn into the nutrition of my creations. The mountains are very different from what I have seen in my entire life in Taiwan which is a tropical  island with not much snow and Temperate zones landscape.  In short, the landscapes of Switzerland are splendid!


What is your favourite equipment to use? What do you mostly shoot with?

I love film photography. I can feel the warmth of film photos, so I think that could be transferred to my audience. I have a Nikon FE2  and a YashicaT3 for daily shooting.


Where do you get inspiration from?

I often go through some great works , therefore gaining a sense of inspiration or seeking sparks by truly living , living sober and receiving details like emotion from daily routine. And of course seeing clips and traveling.


Are there any artists (photographers, painters, anything) that you admire? 

Andreas Gursky, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Ryan McGinley


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