Kristina Podobed

Kristina Podobed is a young photographer from Odessa, Ukraine who shoots solely film photos in a peculiar straightforward manner, often with a controversial and ironical twist. She is shooting her weird friends, professional fashion models and celebrities as well as the inanimate odd objects she observes in her everyday life in her very own vigorous and bold spirit.


How did you begin photographing? Do you remember how you decided to devote yourself to it?

My parents presented me a simple photocamera ‘Kodak DC210 plus’ on my thirteenth birthday. So I decided to shoot immediately, without thinking twice.


What other forms of art do you feel connected to?

The forms of art I feel connected to and inspired by are, first of all, music and cinematography. Since contemporary arts are deeply interconnected, good photography is empowered as well as, for instance, independent filmmaking to inspire and influence the public.


Photography and visual art play a big part in defining beauty. Do you feel this responsibility?

Yes, of course. The concept of beauty is always deeply contextual and our views on beauty depend on our experience and cultural background. As a photographer, I am in charge of being empowered to define the beauty, and my own views, in its turns, are caused by the views of my precursors and art of my idols.


What is beautiful to you?

Kittens and puppies. They are beautiful.


Where do you get inspiration from? How do you come up with ideas?

My lover inspires me every night. Sometimes twice or thrice a night. That’s were my ideas comes from.


What about nudity? It is present in your work. Do you think it is still taboo?

It’s still taboo in such a vestiges of a past as Islam. There were no Reformation and Enlightenment in Muslim side of the world, so they’re still afraid of being punished by the big Other.