Georgos Karamanus

Georgos Karamanus was born in Mexico city , his mom’s side of the family is of Greek descent , he lives in Miami/South Florida for the last 10 years , he is a music producer  audio engineer and photographer, he’s always had a passion and talent for the arts, and he is into Fashion and music ranging from Black Metal – Hip hop.

Heather R1

How did you know photography was what you wanted to do? How did it all start?

Photography is something that grasped me unexpectedly earlier this year . I have an interest in Fashion so i started my own fashion line called Divinité a few years ago , it is mostly dark looking fashion inspired by Rick Owens , Anne D , Etc .  I had a catalog shoot scheduled with a photographer but he ended up not showing up and i already had the stylists and models on set so a thought came to my mind “ screw it why don’t i just take the pictures myself “ I really dislike relying on other people especially when it comes to your personal dreams and aspirations , so I picked up my camera and gave it a shot . To my surprise i actually realized I had a great eye for it.

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Obscura is an ongoing project that you are working on right now, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Obscura is my ongoing project in which I try to capture the beauty and original essence of each model , allowing them to express themselves and reveal a part of themselves that they usually keep within , weather it be by posing nude , lingerie , clothed or even in BDSM form. Society frowns upon female sexual empowerment and rejects anyone living an alternative , outside the norm lifestyle . Obscura I feel is the perfect word that describes what I’m trying to envision , beauty in the darkness .

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Do you prefer outdoor shots or indoor shots and why?

I am a fan of both indoor and outdoor shoots . There is pros and cons to either so it all depends on the theme I’m going for, you have more control of light indoors and can do nude shoots , lingerie, without any bothers . Outdoor you have mother nature as your assistant which can be good or bad at times , it is more relaxing to be outside and the earth has beautiful scenery waiting to be captured , Nude and lingerie outdoors is way more complicated as you have to find desolate spots or just take really quick photos and hope no one is going to see what you are doing , which can be fun at times .

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How do your surroundings affect your work, your perspective and your ideas?

My surroundings most certainly affect my ideas to a certain degree , coming in to a shoot i already have an idea of what I’m looking for with the model , but I don’t necessarily like to overthink , I just go with the flow with all my shoots. I like to keep a very relaxed and fun atmosphere while I shoot which I believe is reflected in my work .

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As a photographer, what was the biggest problem/ greatest difficulty you came across?

My greatest problem or difficulty as a photographer has been trying to capture what I envision in my mind , when I see a spot or cool light or specific pose I want to capture it is not always easy and simple to actually be able to recreate what I envision .

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Are there some artists or some art movements that you love or that have influenced you?

Here in Miami / South Florida there is a lot of great artists and movements happening that inspire me , my friends in the hip hop scene in C9 ( Ronny J, J.k The Reaper , Denzel Curry)

13 Records  ( ZXFLO , SWIPA ) My friends in the Art scene: Cheap Potential ( Fernanda Maura )

And most importantly my mom Tita Millan she’s been an artist ever since I was a kid and always inspires me to keep doing what i love .