Gospel of Leg

By Anton Shebetko

Gospel of Leg is an absurdic, ironic reimagination of the life of Jesus Christ according to the Bible. In this story leg is an impersonator of Jesus, the moment when leg broke is a birth and the moment when cast is empty is an ascension. Everything in between is a metaphorical reimagination of stories, parables, characters you can find in Bible with an ironic view on the modern world.

Story #1. Birth_1186x791

On a bit more serious note, Gospel of Leg can be considered a story about fake gods and crimes commited in the name of it. It’s not about faith, it’s about believing in yourself which is better and wiser than trusting some people who tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Cause even the human body (with a little help from science) can work some miracles and my leg is  living proof.”

Project consists of 19 episodes in 20 pictures. Installation also includes empty cast as Epitaphios and two x-rays as icons.

Story #3. Circumcision of Jesus_1186x791 Story #4. Apostle_1186x791 Story #5. Marriage at Cana_1186x792 Story #6. Miraculous catch of fish_1186x791 Story #8. Parable of the barren fig tree_1186x791 Story #9. The Feeding of the 5,000 #1_1186x1779 Story #9. The Feeding of the 5,000 #2_1186x791 Story #10. Parable of the Tares_1186x791 Story #13. The Raising of Lazarus_1186x791 Story #15. Passion. Arrest._1186x791 Story #16. Passion. Trial_1186x791 Story #17 Passion. Crucifixion_1186x791 Story #19. Feast of the Ascension_1186x1779