Non Convencional

Nicolas Santiñaque is a photographer and visual artist from Argentina. We present a short series of collages inspired by different animals he did in this editorial with clothing brand couture Juan Hernandez Daels.


How did you start as an artist?

My parents were never very close to arts, so my approaching was in my youth in the hard core/punk scene of Mar del Plata, a coast city where I was born in Argentina. At that time I discovered the DIY and underground gigs, were I use to take some pictures and strongly participate. It was when I started to create my firsts fanzines, duty I still do under the name of WAR, were you can find the work of a lot of artists all over the world that I admire, and that I invite to join me.

I don’t fancy the words “art” or “artist”. A few years ago I started with my friends a collective called COCO, where photographers, designers, musicians and ping pong players made lots of very fun actions. Last year we had the opportunity to show our work at a gallery in Buenos Aires, instead of hanging photos, paintings, etc, we transformed the hall into a basketball court, so visitors could play and interact with each other, but after a day of the showing, the owners of the place shut it down because of a “collapse danger” thing, a total success.


Whats your main inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my friends, the things that happen to me every day and that make my brain shoot some ideas, the fun ones. I think a good idea is the essential base for making anything possible.

How does you visual art help you to express yourself?

I like what I do and I’m lucky to do it for a living. When I’m preparing something, I try to find the way of satisfying 100% my expectations, I find it really hard to do something that doesn’t represent myself and sometimes it’s a good idea to say NO.

Whats your favorite color and shape?

Every color under the midday sunlight, I think that the shadows and angles that show up at that part of the day are my favorites.


How do you pick your models?

I particularly like models with non convencional faces, that know how to move, have attitude and a ludic spirit. I’m not a huge fan of directing them too much, I prefer things to flow naturally. I usually don’t have that info, but I’m pretty intuitive.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve just finished a collage number for Juan Hernandez Daels couture, were I had the pleasure of working with Zoe Trilnick Farji and the result was great. Right now I’m planning some new fashion productions, working on a collage serie for Cynar drinks. It’s a brand I’m very comfortable working with, they let me go with all my ideas and have total freedom to make what I feel. That a brand trusts you and your work when your ideas aren’t so conventional is something I appreciate a lot.