Rainer Andreesen

Rainer Andreesen is an artist and model in New York. We were instantly taken by his talent for figurative, still life, and black and white. His paintings are modern and still reminiscent of classic masters, perfectly capturing the person portrayed. 

The Waiting 30_ x 40_

One could say you’ve been painting all your life, how has this affected you as a person?

The way that it effects me is I look at the world as a canvas to be painted, especially faces. I pay attention to color and light and the shadows it creates.
I guess you could just say I look at things in a different way.

Ben 16_ x 20_

What has influenced and shaped your style in painting?

My influence are people. Faces, style and personalities. I am also influenced by music, theater and other artist, past and present. John Singer Sargent is a big influence to me.


Is there a famous work of art that you wish you had painted?

Yes, anything by John Singer Sargent. He was a master at capturing people with his rich brush strokes, color, light and composition. If you stand very close to his paintings, they are almost abstract and as you walk back from them, they become photo realistic.

DSC00875 (1)

How difficult is it these days for an artist, especially a painter, to get their work known?

I find it a bit easier these days with social media.
I have always been lucky in that respect as I have been blessed with many clients and one commissioned painting always seems lead to another. I am not represented by a gallery, so it really has been word of mouth for me and a bit from my Instagram and website.

DSC00879 (1)

How is it working on commissioned stuff compared to working on personal projects? Which of the two do you like best?

I enjoy both, although after doing a few commissions, it is hard to change direction and come up with something new and fresh, unless it is something I have been thinking of for a while.


What are you working on at the moment?

I just finished a large commission of 6 children and now I would like to finish a Bowie portrait I started before his passing. It is a hard thing to work on for me.
I also have two commissions that I need to get started on.


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