Fabien Vilrus

Fabien Vilrus is a french, self-taught photographer who currently lives in London. After working in advertising, he discovered his passion for photography, shooting exclusively on 35mm. He captures colourful portraits, exploring relationship between subjects and surroundings with a sense of escape.


How did you start taking pictures?

I don’t really remember. I always liked to try different creative media since my childhood, I guess photography was part of it.


Why did you choose to work with 35mm?

When I was in high school, I bought a digital camera but I quickly got bored with it. At this time I didn’t know anything about 35mm and this one experience of photography was quite disappointing. But few years later, I kept liking a certain type of pictures and finally discovered that all of them came from film. So I decided to buy an old canon ae1 and it was a revelation. I loved everything about it, from the process to the final render, it was what I had always been looking for.


How do your surroundings affect your work?

Surrounding are very important to me. We constantly evolve and adapt depending on our environment. In my work I really love to show our mysterious relationship with it and how it could impact us.


Do you photograph friends or strangers?

As I often change locations, the girls on my pictures come mainly from social networks. But as they’re great people, they become good friends!


What’s your main source of inspiration?

As I said, I love a lot of different media when it comes to creativity. I guess it’s a bunch of all these things mixed with my daily life.


What are you working on right now?

Getting my pictures better 🙂




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