Aurora Rossa Manni

by Sara Giannitelli


photo || Sara Giannitelli

style || Karolina Gendek- D’Andrea

hair&make-up || Silvia Neri

model || Aurora Rossa Manni

1 6c 3b 2a-2

silver jacket KAFKA by Federica Cassano, turtleneck Splendid ,trousers Giuseppe Bonafede, jacket Adidas, trousers model’s own , shoes VANS, earrings Parfois, turtleneck Theory, trousers Carin Wester, shoes VANS, turtleneck Splendid, dress Camilla Squillace, sweatshirts Sara Cannatelli, trousers Amy Gee, bomber & t-shirt Camilla Padovano, jeans Camilla Squillace, shoes Alexander Wang, coat Giuseppe Bonafede, turtleneck Alessandra Servi, shoes Alexander Wang

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