Marigo Carmen -“Jardin de los Dioses y los Titanes”

DRECK magazine was at“Jardin de los Dioses y los Titanes” (translating to “Garden of the Gods and the Monsters”), which was the latest exhibition of visual artist Marigo Carmen. The space of Polimichano Café Teatral was the nest in which Marigo built her sanctuary. According to the Myth, young Dionysus was dismembered by the Titans, but was healed by Goddess Rhea, who sewed his body back together. Like Dionysus, the audience went through this altar to face their fears, nourish the kid inside, and heal with love. Noticing the work that has been done over these leaves, over these books and paintings, one could feel the love of Rhea, could feel their fears growing weaker.

marigo-carmen-1 marigo-carmen-2 marigo-carmen-3 marigo-carmen-4 marigo-carmen-5 marigo-carmen-6 marigo-carmen-7 marigo-carmen-8 marigo-carmen-9 marigo-carmen-10 marigo-carmen-12 marigo-carmen-13 marigo-carmen-14 marigo-carmen-15 marigo-carmen-16 marigo-carmen-17

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