Alla Chiara Luzzitelli

Full of memories and full of lovers

She was born in Lipetzk, an industrial town 400 kilometers south of Moscow in the Russian Federation. Her childhood has been very troubled, she grew up in an orphanage and she was there till she was eight years old when her Italian parents with her brother came to pick her.
Currently she lives in Turin, Italy and she’s a student in photography.
She started to delve into photography at the age of 15, she loves life stories, she loves to listen stories and to tell stories through her images.
During her shooting, she feels everything and nothing at the same time. It is very important for her to find a special feeling between her and her/his model, a feeling of understanding and a special union. In this way she can feel their emotions so real.
Taking self-portraits for her is like a way of growing and understanding herself, that’s why is so important in her photography.
How did you start taking pictures and why? 

I was fifteen when I approached photography for the first time. I really was curious and excited but I didn’t know much about it. That’s how I started my artistic career. For me photography is a realization of the time, between time and emotions and I continuously chase my passion.


Whats your main source of inspiration?

It’s not easy to explain but I think that what inspires me are first of all my dreams and my thoughts that are wondering in my head but also people around me. Observing people, give me great emotions and new perspectives that I try to change continually.

I think everything can be useful for great artistic creations.


How do you choose your models? 

I don’t  actually choose my models.

When I meet interesting people that have a story to tell that’s it. It’s not a question of beauty. In my photos and in my projects there are just great emotions because it is emotions that I cherish.


What would you never agree to photograph?

Commissioned images, art directors having to choose a photographer for images that he makes.

I do not stand impositions when I don’t feel….my photography is me.


Whats your dream project?

I would love to make a movie about my childhood in Russia.


Whats gonna be your next project?

I still don’t know,I don’t have a special project already growing in my head because my mind is full of stories…

I have so many ideas, thoughts and emotions to represent but I’m sure that time will allow me to realize all my projects and all my dreams.

This is my signature for all the projects.

My mind is full of stories,full of memories,full of lovers. I’ll look over my story to let people to tell their stories.