The rain has ended, but the haze lingers on

Gregory Rusmana is an Indonesian photographer, currently living and working in Solo. He pursues photography without any formal education, records his personal experience in the space between his mind and the world he lives in with many questions. The world with its own reality and his mind with its own anxiety. He has published two photobooks independently, “Outtakes” in September 2014 and “After N” in October 2016.

After N – Gregory Rusmana

The house was drained in rain, and it was dead inside. The last child of the deceased before Canine distemper virus had ripped him off. Like a homeless drifter suicide, leaving without a message.

Two weeks earlier they were entrusted to a veterinarian together with other strange dogs. Out of the city, they attended the funeral of a shepherd. Thousands of tears spattered down. To him who did not bleed. Not until the tears dried up, and then got moist again with the next death. The first was the last female dog. Mother of all. Died on her fifth pregnancy, together with five babies in her womb.

So that’s how it all happened that November. Human beings. Began to realize more when all things were gone.

The rain has ended, but the haze lingers on.

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