By Urizen Freaza

Urizen Freaza was born in Tenerife in 1982, since 2010 he’s based in Berlin. He’s a self-taught photographer and film-maker. Self-taught meaning that this is a path he’s still walking, while hoping there is always more path to walk.


“To say that an image consists of many layers sounds obvious. But fact is that instant photography has an extra layer: the physical one. Even more than film, polaroids are objects that you can hold. When you see a polaroid you know the photographer, and most likely everyone appearing on it, touched it. They passed it around and looked at it and reacted to it. Right there, as part of the process. It’s a fetish in the animistic sense of the word.

The power of instant photography lays in the delivery of a full object where all layers are crushed together: the subject photographed, the emotional state and associations of the photographer when setting that framing, the light hitting on its sensitive surface, the chemical layers crystalizing and reacting to conform the image, the emotional state and emotional baggage of the viewer… All together crushed into one entity, that is so true, so real that you’re actually holding it. The goal would be to blend all those realities, to interweave all of those layers at the same time and as much as possible, to describe the truth.

According to quantum physics the universe is quantified in packages of indissoluble units, small bricks that conform our reality. And it says not only matter, but also time is quantified. Therefore, if we perceive our reality as a function of time, and if this one only exists as a succession of moments, then our reality is made out of instants. And instantaneity is the only truth.”