Everything she sees

Chih Han Yang is a self-portrait photographer from Taiwan. Her works are all about the ordinary life. All the images are created without intentions and mainly improvised. Everything she sees could be a beautiful piece of scenery.


How difficult or easy is it shooting yourself as a model and photographer? What differences are there compared to shooting other people?

Shooting myself is very relaxing since I don’t have to talk or discuss with anyone. The only thing I need to do is to be myself and follow my intuition. Sometimes, taking my own pictures requires my running skills. I remembered that I wanted to take a photo of myself standing in the middle of a farm. I had to put my camera at the edge of the farm, so I ran like a thunder back and forth between the camera and the place where I wanted to stand.

I don’t have a rule when I’m taking photos. Sometimes I use tripod but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I just put my camera anywhere I can see, the outcome is amazing and unique!

On the contrary, I’m more precise when I’m taking pictures of others and I can always get the images that I imagine in my mind. I wouldn’t say that shooting myself is easier or more difficult since the thing itself is very special. I can say that’s totally my style!


Is photography a big part of your life? How does it daily affect you?

Photography is not only a big part of my life, photography is my whole life. I usually don’t have a specific time for shooting because I take photos randomly every single day. I’m not good at expressing myself in real life. Therefore, photography has become a way to convey my thoughts. Photography for me is also a diary to keep my moods and the precious details of my life.


How do your surroundings influence you?

I have an extremely good memory and I am a very sensitive person. The details in my life can always influence me such as the smell, weather, songs, and images. These feelings are usually captured in my photos and that is why my second photography book is called “Daily.”


Where do you usually get inspiration from?

I ‘m usually inspired by pouring rain, a chilling morning , a heartbreaking song, and the lovers I lost.


There is some musicality in your photographs. Do you think so too? What do you like to listen to?

I was surprised the first time people told me that. Seriously. Indeed, I have no idea why there is some musicality in my photos.

I love indie music, rock, punk, experimental, and some old songs. The music I listen is very broad, such as Muse, Oasis, atari teenager riot and so on.

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What is your ultimate dream project?

I hope I can hold an exhibition at my funeral and I will make a new photography book of all my works! Then, people who come to my funeral will not get bored.