DRECK is premiering “Our immortal day” a film by Jordi Estrada

Nuestro día inmortal / Our immortal day

A film by Jordi Estrada

Two couples trapped and intertwined in a melancholic spiral of desire and pain, power and freedom, addiction and beauty. A contrast of images, ideas, atmospheres and sensations that unites them to the same destiny: immortality together.

Our immortal day is a path, a dream. The journey of some kids who roam Earth while the day is slowly advancing, oblivious to the threat of darkness.

Jordi Estrada is a filmmaker born and raised in Barcelona. He graduated from  ESCAC (School of Cinema and Audiovisual from Catalunya) on film directing. His work ranges from fiction, music video to video art and his themes revolve around adolescence, melancholy, desire and male sexuality.

His last shortfilm, “Just like Arcadia” just won Best International Shortfilm Award at Espacio Queer Film festival (Argentina) and got a Special Mention by the Jury at Lisboa International Queer Film Festival.

“NUESTRO DÍA INMORTAL” (Our immortal day) from Jordi Estrada on Vimeo.

Director | Jordi Estrada

Music | Algodón Egipcio
DOP | Lluis Ferrer
Art Director | Mimi Margalef
Prod. Assistant | Paula Capdevila
Make Up | Jen de la Cruz
Sound | Arturo Arias
Featuring | Kämäl Möhänd
Llorenç Licona
Guim Puig
Nikita Wolfe
Manel Muñoz (voice)