Heroin®Kids // KAISERENGEL®

IGNORANT FASHION – Heroin®Kids & KAISERENGEL®, a Berlin based fashion  brand celebrates rebellion, party lifestyle and reflects the grace of  decay.

Inspired by 90s-Grunge, illegal-Rave-Partys, by Berlins  Latex-Fetish-Bdsm-techno-scene and punk attitude – Corinna Engel &  Christian Kaiser create a nihilistic vision of beauty and fragility, a  dangerous beauty, and a rebellious immoral grace… the grace of decay  -capturing a generation of neglect, passiveness, avolition, apathy and  fragility…

Fuck Feelings


Fuck The Pain Away



Ignorant Fashion



Narcissistic Babes



Fuck Feelings: lOla
Fuck The Pain Away: MistyBlackCat; Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nac_angel/
Ignorant Fashion: Ivory
Narcissistic Babes: Andrea Lee

Corinna Engel & Christian Kaiser
Fashion: Heroin®Kids // KAISERENGEL® by Corinna Engel & Christian Kaiser
Photographer Assistant: Chantal Reinhard

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