Young, wild and free.

Wang Wei is a 35mm photographer shooting in crazy Beijing and he understands colour and youth like no other. In case his work seems familiar to you: his portraits of freedom, reality and creativity of today’s youth have recently seen him shoot for Unif.


Do you remember how you picked up your first camera and started shooting?

I started shooting when I was in middle school, taking pictures of my classmates and interesting things that happened in school. I bought a new camera after graduation, and started learning photography.


The spirit of youth is very much present in your work. How would you describe Chinese youth?

I live in Beijing. The young in China are always misunderstood as conventional, but as a matter of fact, young people nowadays are very trendy, especially with the stunning development of information and globalization. Fashion, music and arts, the youth on all topics. I’m lucky to be surrounded by interesting people, who have insights and passions for their lives.


What influences do you have and where do you get inspiration from?

Music, movies, the social networks, etc. Inspirations come from everywhere, mostly, from life experiences.


Do you know all the people you shoot? How do you choose models?

They are all my friends. “Young wild and free”, this kind of spirit is what I have always been trying to convey, so I love taking photos for young people who are cool and interesting. That makes my photos simple and direct, and also to be in the present.


If you were not a photographer what do you think you would be?

I don’t know, maybe something related to the arts.


What is your dream project?

Establishing a photography brand, which will focus on youth culture.