Letters into pictures

Yung Cheng Lin also known as 3cm is an abstract and art photographer from Tainan, Taiwan who aims to transform every beautiful word he reads into equally beautiful imagery. And he greatly succeeds to. 


The geometry in your work is strong. Where does this interest come from?



Your subjects are usually girls. What do you see in the female figure as an artist?

The influence of gender inequality and patriarchal culture has contributed to the fact that female bodies are easily to be objectified and valued. Female image is the index of gender identity.


You often stitch on your photographs. How did you come up with this idea?

This photo examines the nature of female sexuality in a patriarchal society, and questions arbitrary and senseless gender norms. The red string in those photos implies that women have the great faith in pursuing marriage, and their eagerness to change something in the name of love. How can a mere piece of red string enable someone to reach salvation, and can the illusion be true? This is what I want my audiences to consider this long-standing issue in Asian society again.


By now you have a distinctive personal style. How did this style develop?

Shooting is like my diary, and I used to express my moments through photography. This habit develops my style, I guess.


Do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors and why?

I prefer indoors or desolate locations. Since I have to focus on the shooting which needs to be adjusted all the time, being distracted is the last thing I want.


Are you working on something right now? What do you always dream of working on?

I am always reading something, and hope to transfer every elegant and beautiful poetry or letter into amazing and stunning photos.