Pictures of people

Kyosuke Azuma is a Japanese photographer who loves being inspired by people and taking pictures of as many people as possible. And the images are actually so good that people also love looking at them as much as we do .


How did you start photographing?

The purpose of photography, even now, I think is to record something. Like many people I enjoyed taking pictures as well. In the meantime, I felt more and more of a pleasure through photography and wanted to express my brains in my photos.

It consists of all the elements, such as complaints about various cultures and beautiful things and society.

While doing photo exhibitions and activities, I also started taking photos as work. And all this led to now.


What are your biggest influences and inspirations?

I was influenced by many cultures as well as fashion and music. The greatest influence was being a human being. The thought and the way of living of each person are very interesting. I am greatly inspired by all the people I meet.


Do you prefer shooting girls or boys?

I prefer to shoot women.

Although it is not because of prejudice, women are deeper and there is the ideal of a woman’s image in me.


Do you prefer shooting people you know or strangers?

I like taking pictures of humans.

I want to take pictures of all humans.


Is there someone no longer alive that you would like to shoot?

Some people are alive. Some people are dead.


What is your dream project?

It is to hold a photo exhibition in every country and let many people feel my pictures. Anyway people I want you to look at my photos.