Scopophiliac UPDATE

DRECK magazine has started with location scouting and screen testing. Here are some backstage photos of what we have been working on and samples of polaroids you could be getting for supporting us and buying one of our indiegogo perks. Visit the link below to find out more about our movie project and all the ways you can help us and how you can become part of it.


The final movie will consist of 2 sections: a.) artists of different backgrounds and disciplines discussing voyeurism. b.) a street cast experimental drama with artistic focus on voyeurism.

Stay tuned street casting dates in Athens and Berlin will be announced shortly.


List of Collaborating Artists (in alphabetical order)

Abby Gong, Attila Richard Lukacs, Brian Kenny, Callikrati Vuyuk, Chantal Mcarnti, Charis Kirchheimer, Chris Low, DirtyCat, Dustin Hollywood, Gea Philes, Herand Müller-Scholtes, HeroinKids, Jenn Lee, Jonny Seven, Jordi Estrada, Manos Chrisovergis, Marcel Schlutt, Michael Harwood, Motohiko Hasui, Pablo Apezteguia, Peter Kaaden, Prodromos Emmanouilidis, Ray Cook, ROKOVOY, Ruru Ruriko, Slava Mogutin, Stine Sampers, Sunil Gupta