Challenge the austere stereotypes

By Louise Poet

“Many self proclaimed feminists on Instagram rely on girlie imagery traditionally associated with women’s subordination to subvert gender norms. Beauty culture, pink outfits, selfies and digital narcissism are paradoxically used by these activists to seek gender equality. What are the roots and implication of this movement in a wider context of contemporary feminism?

This collection is an experiment with eco friendly fashion. It creates a fresh and innovative look for sustainability to challenge the austere stereotypes associated with it. The collection was developed using carefully selected materials: up-cycled fabrics, recycled fibres, organic fibres and 3D printed biodegradable plastics only.”

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Designer: Louise Poët @louisepoet

Photography: Chris Phillips @herr_phillips

Model: Rakel Lindgren @randomtjej

Set design: Gösta von Platen @gosta_v_p

Hair+Make up: Maria Boman @maria_boman

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