Real and Pure

Diana Pūraitė is a photography student in Kaunas, Lithuania. Her photography now is primarily about trying out different films and cameras, searching for interesting compositions.


What is your favourite photograph you ever took?

My most favourite photo is of my boyfriend when we were having a vacation in Nida. It was really hot that day. I think the contrast really conveys the mood of that day.


How does photography affect your daily life?

I never leave my house without a camera. I’m always coming up with ideas, I try to create as much as possible. It is always in my mind. Also I am a photography student so I’m constantly working on coursework.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from going to galleries, seeing other peoples’ love for art, creating. I get really motivated and inspired when I find another photographer’s work that I love. It motivates to create something of my own. Also I get ideas throughout the day, usually driving by bus, listening to music, and looking through the window.


How and why did you decide to stick mostly to film photography?

When I was younger I had a little digital camera that I had with me all the time, just as I have an analogue camera now. What really got me into photography was analogue photography. It is just so real and pure to me, like nature. I love developing film by myself. I love enlarging photos, it makes me really happy. I like digital and I have worked with a digital camera a few times, but I love film.


Which camera do you love using and why?

I have different camera that I like to use for different purposes. I like my Minolta srt101 for colour photography and my Leica m3 for b&w photography. I also have a little Fujifilm clearshot, with it I like to take pictures of people or just things that I want to remember, like a diary.


What will you be working on next?

I have a lot of different projects in my mind, but I don’t really want to reveal them now. If anyone is interested I have my website where I post all of my photos.