Space is the Place

Space is the Place

by Marta Kaczmarek


“The project is a side effect of my six-month stay in Portugal, where interest in ephemeral idea of Genius Loci has involved me in everyday observation. Since then I started to be obsessed with the topic of abandoned places and this way each walk was turning into exploration of wide streets as well as each single photoshoot realizing out there was ending up with the grand pursuit of shadows. In this case alternative reality can be represented by ephemeral surface of shadows and blurred faces – their inevitable presence in cities seems to be the reminder about city character. That long as they are the part of the architecture, the building is vivid. It seems that it is not a territory which makes a place out of space, but it is collective consciousness and presence of human beings. In mythology Genius Loci refers to a spirit attached to a place – a guardian who watches over their part of world. This thought is inseparable in central Porto about one in every five buildings is abandoned.”