by Camilla Robinson

reflectionLandscapes is a series of digital collages by the artist Camilla Robinson.  Her work revolves around the environment of the internet and how it displays the female body.  Camilla is fascinated by the politics of the gaze, often seeking to disturb or direct it within her pieces, she often employs layers and texture in order to do so.

kisssing men 1

“My aim is to question why we see and how we see when reading the female nude.  In what way can I generate a new narrative that can seek to free tits, cunts and bums from the hyper sexualized, two dimensional realms of the internet and all its forms of image publishing.”


This particular series was created from stock illustrations she has from current and previous projects, photos taken from the residencies she’s participated in and recycled images found in magazines and online.

tryharderLet the right one in