Homage to Remember

The urban multicultural streets of Athens take you on an immersive theatrical experience. Its ethnic vibes, ghetto aesthetics and the urban rituals, reenacted by the city’s inhabitants influenced this shoots mood.

Hermes Pittakos worked with body artist Sanuye Shoteka and with the styling help of Jonny Seven  and Stamatis Deansam using clothes from legendary Remember store and from the fashion brand He-m-n-oid.

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Credits :

Photography & Creative Direction by Hermes Pittakos / www.hermespittakos.tumblr.com / Instagram: @hermespittakos 

Model is Sanuye Shoteka / www.sanuye-shoteka.tumblr.com / instagram: @sanuyeshoteka

Styling by Jonny Seven (https://www.instagram.com/jonny__seven/) & Stamatis Deansam (https://www.instagram.com/stamatis_deansam/)

Clothing by Remember store (http://www.rememberfashion.gr/)  &

He-m-n-oid (http://hemnoidprojects.wixsite.com/he-m-n-oid)