Jenn Lee FW17

jl17fw01“Greed and money, there’s no difference from the golden 80’s to today’s society”, says designer Jenn Lee. In this season’s collection, the label has gotten its inspiration from the colourful and highly contrasted Taiwanese temples. Adding in TPU tape in different sizes, the designer focuses on ‘anti-perfectionism’, played with the characteristics of Taiwanese patch-and-go; bringing out the beauty in controlled chaos. Mass labels and brand logos exposed on the outer layer of the garment, deconstructing the original silhouette, hand-painted golden strokes on to the contorted bright red cheongsam, along with intricate joss paper folding techniques, a burning ceremony practiced in Chinese culture, as well as hand-dyed techniques.
JENN LEE abandons machine printing and dyeing, treating every garment as a unique piece and giving it its own life. Designer Jenn Lee also collaborated with Taiwanese local designers to develop large-scale dress dyeing methods and techniques, together with implementing Taiwan manufactured newly developed recyclable TPU tape. A 100% recyclable, non-toxic, wear-resistant, heat and waterproof strong TPU tape. Playing with its functional ability and challenging the limits and boundaries of this new material, furthermore implementing its use in fashion design.


JENN LEE chose the exquisite Shell Temple in Taiwan Zhuanghua as the campaign shooting site for their newest F/W collection. Setting itself apart from other temples, Mr. Chunqi Huang, the founder and architect of the temple had no prior experience in architecture. Mr. Huang spent thirty
years persistently realising his vision which came to him in a dream. Using a variety of shells and pebbles, Mr. Huang created his masterpiece through persistence and confidence. The temple consists of multiple features including the kirin, nine-dragons pillars, dragons, phoenixes and Bagua on the eaves and roof of the temple.
Designer Jenn Lee thinks that the consumer retail industry has created a society devoid of personality and individualism; Apart from creating items for the masses, it is important to reflect the issues of current society, highlighting the rebellious side of us.