Vojislav Ritan

Vojislav Ritan was born in Banja Luka, and graduated from high School of Technology in Banja Luka. A graduate student at the Academy of Art in Banja Luka, Painting Department, he has been using photography as an artistic medium for a couple of years. Surrounded by people, things and the environment that he loves he captured moments on the 3.2 megapixel camera of his mobile phone. Photography became his obsession.

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Mostly, his inspiration comes from the observation of human behavior and the perfection of nature. He is fascinated by the beauty in its various forms and his goal is  to find beauty in unexpected places and in ordinary things. His goal is to show that beauty can be discovered in any place, at any time and in any way. Elements that he loves to combine, come from animals and plant life. He is inspired by all the things that are found in nature, all forms and colors that are present in plants as well as humans, and the relationship between man and prirode. He soon realized that he had developed in two directions.

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The first includes photos of  moments related to the village where he lives. All the love, warmth and beauty that is interwoven he has recorded on photos, showing nature through the presence or absence, framing scenes that lead to reflection, because those scenes are only part of the story that hints at a sequel, but it does not make it clear. That is what attracted his attention and lead to reflection.

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The other way was the way he dealt with himself and his body exploring its limits and possibilities, but also the possibilities of photography to record and show the message he wants to send. The body as a means of artistic expression is fundamental, one of the key elements in his photos. It becomes the main component, a means that will be supplied as images, speech, a certain body posture and balance in certain situations. In a minimalist, sometimes humorous, sometimes provocative way he shoots self-portraits and autofigurama, experimenting with pre-planned action and stuff he want to catch.

He does not use assistants to look through the camera because he or she become photographers. Instead, he only has ten seconds to fit into the pre-planned scene.


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