Krystian Lipiec in his new series “Closeness” draws inspiration from Caravaggio’s Baroque paintings.

The parallel between the two is specifically observable in dramatic contrasts between lighter and darker parts of an image.

The characters’ expression in “Closeness” denote the artist’s take on emotional realism  – they seem to be caught in an intimate moment,

 their Baroque-like postures are elegant but their inward gaze gives them a feeling of absent-mindedness. 

The surrounding space enhances the feeling of intimacy since it revolves between the bed and the floor.


Photo & Concept: Krystian Lipiec / Lipiec Lipiec

Instagram: @lipiec_lipiec


Girls: Katarzyna/ Rebel Models

Magdalena & Maja /United for Models

Boys: Bartek, Jakub and Tomasz

Make’up & Hair: Patryk Nadolny & Małgorzata Ejmocka

Stylist & Scenography: Lola Banet/ MESSA

Retouch: Dawid Żądło/ Kreski Corp.

Support: Nikodem Małecki & Michał Wijata