Martin Sabino

Do a painting and a hook up have anything in common? Actually, they do. They could either be the inspiration for one of Martin Sabino’s emotionally and visually loaded pieces. Starting out with his mother’s camera, he can now not see himself being anything but a photographer and looking at his work we are more than ok with that. 


Do you remember the first picture you ever took and loved?

All my life I’ve been taking pictures, when I started stealing my mom’s camera to take pictures of my friends around my village back in the islands when I was a kid, she was constantly reminding me not to take the camera without permission because it wasnt a toy to play with, but I did play. The first picture I ever loved was a portrait of my sister in our living room I took, light was so strong, her red hair was so bright, I was amazed by how something so abstract as light could make things so powerful.

Who are the people you shoot? Friends or strangers?

At first I started taking pictures of my friends and people I know mostly, time went by and my eye started to get obsessed with randomness, looking for certain aesthetics in people around the streets that caught my attention, old women, old men, children, teenagers. Now whenever I work in fashion I’d rather choose the people I’m shooting If I have the chance.



Where do you get inpsirations and ideas from?

Art history, sex and people mostly. I dont have certain references on what I do, I just shoot what feels right to me depending on my mood. But all my inspiration could come either from a painting or a hook up, to be honest.


Would you consider posing as well? Or are you strictly a behind the camera person?

There’s some pictures I’ve been taking of myself that have nothing to do with my face in terms of selfportrait If you know what I mean, but I’ve been planning to do a series of selfportraits these days that could be really interesting.


If you wouldnt be a photographer what would you be?

I ask myself that question every once in a while but I dont really have the answer. I don’t imagine myself doing anything else which is a curse for my family because, the future for a person that commits himself to “art” is truly uncertain. I tried uni, twice, but I didn’t want to be influenced by anyone really, so I moved to London on my own to earn some money and build a career.


What will you be working on next?

Im working now on some pictures about exploration in terms of sexuality, trying to balance the line between the obscene and concepts. I think If everything ends up right, it could be extremely genious or a massive creep. Let’s see how it goes.