By Faber Franco


Photographed by Faber Franco  ( https://www.instagram.com/faberfranco/ )

Styling by Maria Ponce de León ( https://www.instagram.com/mariaponcedleon/ )

Model : Ricardo Dominguez ( https://www.instagram.com/ricc_dominguez/ )

Makeup Artist by Valeria Sesana ( https://www.instagram.com/valeriasesana/ )



Photo #01: Maison Mess top and jacket, Papel de Punto pants.

Photo #02: Maison Mess T-shirt

Photo #03: Papel de Punto pants and sweater, Maison Mess top.

Photo #04: Papel de Punto dress.

Photo #05: Maison Mess total look.

Photo #06: Whitman turleneck, GUAY by Sad Youth sweater, Zara pants, shoes by Dr. Martens.

Photo #07 Maison Mess shit and T-shirt, Papel de punto pants.

Photo #08: Papel de punto total look. Shoes by Dr. Martens


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