Wolf or Lamb?

By Naara Bahler

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Wolf or Lamb?


“Wolf or lamb is a series of self-portraits, taken in October 2016 in the Valisian Alps.

During 2015 I visit the same place for a few days to my father who works a season as a shepherd, due to the great problem that the wolves cause with attacks towards the sheep.

On my second visit when I do the series, take this information as a base, but taking it as characters in the same person.

I could talk about a dualism. It could be represented by fear, innocence, weakness, surrender and ignorance as the Lamb, and the desire for power and dominion as the Wolf.

These are characters that live within the human being coming to light according to the condition in which we find ourselves.

But as we have consciousness and power over it we try to keep it in balance.

Erich Fromm in his essay The Heart of Man and the novels The Stereotypical Wolf of Herman Hesse emphasize this human dualism.

Fromm does not tell us whether man is wolf or lamb, but speaks of the human being as manipulative, and the ability of leaders to subdue the weak and ignorant before their interests.

While for Hesse this duality does not exist.

He affirms that the human being is composed of thousands of beings, and attitudes.

Attitudes of delivery and empowerment, were characters that I wanted to represent, through actions within a period of two weeks, undergoing walks of several kilometers and isolation.

By provoking by the limits, that these characters will manifest themselves and thus be able to translate it into photographs.”

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