Spice Girl

By Danika Magdalena


Photographer: Danika Magdalena – @sirius.film

Styling: Palesa Dlamini – http://www.cargocollective.com/palesa / @masentle

Makeup: Julia Edwards – http://www.juliaedwards.co.uk / @juliaedwardsmakeup

Hair: Aieasha Paul – http://www.aieashadoeshair.tumblr.com/  @aieashadoeshair

Model: Lydia at Linden Staub http://www.lindenstaub.com / @lindenstaub

Scary spice: M-Sew jeans, Top Boohoo / Ginger: M-Sew jumpsuit, Stylist’s own earrings / Baby: Kill babe boots, Forever21 dress, Lodion jacket / Sporty: M-See trousers, Olivia Skelcher top / Posh: Lodion top, Mods studios dress / Details1: Kill babe boots, Olivia Skelcher skirt

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