Shapes of Life

By Silvia Poropat



MODEL Hu Shi Xuan
@Icon Models Agency Milan

MUA & HAIRSTYLIST Giulia Sbarzella

STYLIST Karilyn Ibanez



LOOK 1 : top Vintage, pants Vintage, belts Stylist’s Own, cap Zara, sunglasses Vintage

LOOK 2 : top Houd by Air, skirt Vintage, cap Stylist’s Own, shoes Timberland

LOOK3 : top Analyze, bra Tezenis, necklace by Camila Banzo Designer, pants Vintage, belt Zara, shoes Balenciaga

LOOK 4 : top Vintage, coat Vintage, overall Tommy Hilfiger, bel Off-White

LOOK 5 : body Stylist’s Own, jeans Levi’s, shoes Dr Martens

LOOK 6 : coat Zara, top Trasher, bag Vintage, earrings Stylist’s Own, belt Zara, shoes Dr Martens, pants Vintage

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