LEX Capsule Collection

LEX is an Athens, Greece based young designer that made us fall in love with his graduate capsule collection. Inspired by cubism and the Guernica, in strict black and white tones, we can only hope to see more this winter.

Is designing something that has always been in the back of your head? What did you wanna be as a kid and how did you end up a designer?

Yes, designing was a part of me since I was a child! I remember sketching and drawing super heroines as a kid, with all their armors and dresses and their weapons! I really loved sketching cause it made me feel like I’m somewhere else, in my mind I could travel anywhere and be anyone! As a kid I wanted to be a lot of stuff, first (I was around the age of 5) I wanted to be a vet, after that I don’t remember anything specific but around the age of 15 I think, I started thinking about fashion design, well I always loved clothing and fashion. I did spend my whole last year of school sketching and designing. Thank “god” I was in an Art High School!


What inspires you and what is your creative process?

A lot of things inspire me, I could say anything really, from a bird to my best friend’s skirt, from a song to an art persona, from art history to a movie character! I think what inspires me the most are things that make me dream of something! Something out of this world!

Now about my creative process I’m not sure if I have one! Haha I think I’m still working on that and trying out different things.


About your latest designs, your capsule collection, what was the idea behind them?

My latest designs were made for my graduation as a fashion designer; we had been given a theme, “Cubism”. My inspiration for that was Picasso’s Guernica of course, I find that is a very strong painting with so much feeling on it and that made me choose it, I’m really into black and white and that was also a reason for choosing this painting, I really love the color patterns and the harsh, full of tense lines that Picasso made in this piece!

I’m really into very tailored clothing and that was another thing that I wanted to put in my first collection too.


Is there one famous person you would like to see them wearing? (dead or alive)

Oh! A lot! Ummm David Bowie, MIchele Lamy, Daphne Guinness, Sevdaliza and I can go on for hours  😛


Your currently going very monochrome. Is this a reflection of your whole aesthetics or would you also experiment with colour? 

Umm I was always into black and white, I always thought they are the most delicate and chic colors! You can’t go wrong with black 😛 But as I’m getting older I love experimenting and trying out new things so I would totally do colors in the future!


What are you working on next?

In my mind I’m working in a lot of things!! hahaha

But in real life I’m working on my new capsule collection for this winter.


Clothing by LEX

Photographed by he_m_n_oid

Styling & make up by LEX

Model is Josh Yen