Destroy to create

MAISON MESS X Josefina Santos

With a minimalist and timeless aesthetic, MAISON MESS is new a brand that evokes the power of creation rooting from artistic experimentation. MAISON MESS aims to awaken the post-punk nostalgia, we celebrate the resurrection of collage making and encourage the freedom of independence. MESS imagines new creations that are born from destruction and we embrace the unexpected beauty that comes from disaster.

Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_01Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_02Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_03Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_4Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_05Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_06Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_07Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_08Dreck Magazine_DestroyToCreate_Josefina_Santos_09

This editorial was shot all in film in Greenpoint, New York with an all girl power team and featuring model, artist and LGBT activist LUX Phillips.

Photography: Josefina Santos

Styling: Claudia Rojas, Laura Hernandez

Model: Lux Phillips