Queer Trans Nonbinary

By Abbey Sacks

Abbey Sacks is a queer filmmaker, photographer and artist currently living in LA. Her work focuses around themes of feminism, underrepresented voices and vulnerability.


“Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a photo and video series featuring queer/trans/nonbinary people. I want to capture my subjects in ways that feel authentic and vulnerable, which is something that is really important to me through art making. My work has always been very female-centered, but I began to realize that as a queer woman I had never made anything specifically focusing on the LGBTQ community. I wanted this project to be an opportunity to learn more about the queer community and create a platform for these voices to be heard. Each shoot has been really open-ended and spontaneous – I like to keep it that way so that it became more of a collaboration with each one of the subjects. Throughout the process, I’ve been collecting interviews, photos and video footage. By the end of the project, I’m hoping to compile all of the footage into a short documentary.”

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