DESMOND – Anthony Avangard

Anthony Avangard is a young Croatian menswear designer.


“The latest collection named “DESMOND”, is inspired by the Mel Gibson’s movie Hacksaw Ridge and the story about an American soldier Desmond T. Doss, who refused caring a weapon and killing people. He decided to serve the army as an unarmed medical who saved many human lives, both allies and enemies soldiers.

The cuts are simple and complemented with army uniform like pockets retained on sports clothes. Details like cotton ropes, similar to binding the corset that reminds of the ropes that Doss used while transporting wounded soldiers.

Materials used in the collection are felpa, neoprene and combinations of artificial and  genuine leather. Dominant military lines are subdued using pastel colours.”

Photography is by Jakov Baricic, model is Damjan Lebos (Sonic Models) , and make up is by Marko Tolic, assisted by Antonija Barisic.