‘Do Not Judge, Or You Too Will Be Judged’

By Hedwig Vervoort x Julia Hovve

“I began to wonder.. how free the image of the world could look. A utopia. Free of judgement around culture, gender, religion, age, orientation. What came to my mind was The Cult. The Cult cannot be divided by these subjects.”

What does this look like? What would they do, and how would they interact with one another? How would they behave, and what atmosphere would exist around them?

This editorial aims to create the perfection of imperfection, the clothes questioning the status of fashion through the suggestion of the absence of them. The characters within provoking questions, and answering at the same time what it means to be genderless, ageless, stripped of all societal labels and drifting without harmful word or action. Appreciating the roots of where they come from – the Earth. The Womb.


Hedwig Vervoort is a young designer based in Amsterdam, considering fashion, installation, performance and short film.

Julia Hovve is a photographer and artist from London, based in Berlin. Her work explores the themes of intimacy, gender perception, and the dream state.

Designer: Hedwig Vervoort




Photographer: Julia Hovve



Make-Up Artist: Samantha Pottmaier

Styling: Yoong Jang

Models: Leon, Alienor Solefa, Marco Hunger