Rust Bloom

E.A. 1/1 S.V.  Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear


In English, “Artist’s Proof”: an impression of a print taken in the printmaking process in order to see the state of a plate (or stone, or woodblock). A proof may show an incomplete image, a trial impression, that in modern practice describes an impression of the finished work identical to the numbered copies.

(1/1) Edition. A number of the piece.

(S.V.) Silvio VujičićE.A. 1/1 S.V.

01 EA11SV SS18Men02 EA11SV SS18Men03 EA11SV SS18Men04 EA11SV SS18Men05 EA11SV SS18Men06 EA11SV SS18Men07 EA11SV SS18Men08 EA11SV SS18Men09 EA11SV SS18Men10 EA11SV SS18Men11 EA11SV SS18Men12 EA11SV SS18Men12.1 EA11SV SS18Men13 EA11SV SS18Men14 EA11SV SS18Men15 EA11SV SS18Men16 EA11SV SS18Men17 EA11SV SS18Men18 EA11SV SS18Men19 EA11SV SS18Men20 EA11SV SS18Men


Photographer: Karla Jurić

Model: Staš Mlinar


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